New Edition of ASTM Masonry Standards

September 28, 2010

The new edition of ASTM Masonry Standards for the Building Industry is now available in print or CD-ROM from ASTM International.  

The 6th Edition features 104 ASTM masonry standards compiled from three volumes of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards.  It includes specifications for products such as mason’s lime; concrete building brick; building brick and hollow brick (clay or shale); paving brick; hollow and solid load-bearing concrete masonry units; masonry and portland cement; facing title; and mortar and prefabricated masonry panels.

The guide also features tests for sampling and testing brick, structural clay tile, concrete masonry units and grout. Also included are methods for measuring drying shrinkage of concrete block, bond strength of mortar to unit masonry, splitting tensile strength of masonry units, masonry flexural bond strength, and water penetration and leakage.