New Bobcat Forestry Cutter Attachment Package Quickly Clears Unwanted Trees

Staff | September 28, 2010

Contractors who develop construction sites, clear firebreaks or remove undergrowth, can now make quick work of knocking down or grinding unwanted trees with the forestry cutter attachment package from Bobcat Company.

The forestry cutter attachment package includes a Bobcat® forestry cutter attachment and a required forestry applications kit that can be installed on specific Bobcat loaders. Bobcat representatives say they’re introducing this revolutionary new package because anti-burn laws and the need for clearing firebreaks have resulted in an even higher demand for such equipment.

The workhorse behind the system is the Bobcat forestry cutter attachment, which features a 60-inch cutting width and 30 carbide-cutting teeth for faster production. Operators can punch into large-diameter trees with the attachment and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground. The forestry cutter’s tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time — so operation is smooth and less horsepower is required to do the job.

In addition, a pressure gauge that’s visible from the cab helps the operator run the attachment at peak efficiency. Other features include a three-position adjustable push bar that accommodates operators’ preferred settings, and a brake that stops the rotating drum from full speed in 10 seconds or less when the forestry cutter’s hydraulics are deactivated.

The kit also includes a specially designed cab door constructed of laminated polycarbonate. An electronically controlled valve ensures the forestry door is installed on the loader before the attachment can be used with the loader. This exclusive door features a front emergency exit if needed by the operator.