New and Improved Skid-Steer Loaders

By Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief | September 28, 2010

LS 185. B

LS 190.B
New Holland's two new skid-steers feature Tier II engines and the company's SuperBoom vertical lift linkage. The LS190.B is the largest New Holland skid-steer, at 2,800-pound operating capacity, and the brand new LS185.B has a 2,500-pound operating capacity.

New Holland Construction's largest skid-steer weighs in at 7,860 pounds and has an operating capacity of 2,800 pounds. Now, the updated LS190.B also has an 81-hp Tier II engine.

It has a new sibling, too: The 78-hp LS185.B fits neatly in between the LS180 and LS190, with an operating weight of 7,300 pounds and operating capacity of 2,500 pounds. The company has a nine-model line, ranging in operating capacity from 600 to 2,800 pounds.

Both machines feature the company's SuperBoom with vertical lift linkage. The higher the load is lifted, the farther forward the load can be placed," says marketing manager Jorge DeHoyos, "which gives the operator excellent reach at maximum dump height."

In addition to the Tier II engines, both machines have a new higher-capacity radiator and simplified power train with in-line hydraulic pumps.

Bucket breakout force is 6,034 pounds; dump clearance at full height is 100 and 102 inches, respectively; and dump reach at full height is 32 inches.

Additional features include spring-applied hydraulic released brakes and a new digital overhead instrument panel for quick reference to indicators and service points. An optional hydraulic mount plate allows the operator to attach or remove attachments without leaving the seat of the loader.

Comparative Specifications
(2,500-pound operating capacity)
Manufacturer Rated Oper. Load (lb.) Height to Bucket Pin (in.) Gross HP Net HP Std. Pump Flow (gpm) Oper. Weight (lb.)
S250 2,500 126.4" - 75 20.7 7,723
90XT 2,450 124.5" 85 74 20.3 8,950
252B 2,500 127" 73 70 22 7,832
6640 2,400 124.3" - 82 23 7,800
1110 Wh. Robot 2,425 123" 92 82 20 8,214
John Deere
325 2,500 125" 76 70 22 8,390
New Holland
LS185.B 2,500 124.7" 78 72 18.5 7,300
255 2,500 123.8" 87.4 83 21 8,000