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Neal Manufacturing ESSP 1500S Sealcoating Machine

The ESSP 1500S skid-mounted sealcoating machine holds 1,500 gallons.

December 15, 2014

The ESSP 1500S skid-mounted sealcoating machine holds 1,500 gallons. It uses an electric super sand pump (ESSP) with variable speed control that produces up to 100 gpm. An in-line surge tank reduces material surge to provide continuous flow of material. The hydraulic agitation system with chain reduction has three blades that are offset, ensuring two are in the material at all times. The pump includes 2.5-gallon material filters. The unit comes with 75 feet of reinforced hose, a 6-foot hand wand, and a six-nozzle spray bar. An 18-horsepower Kohler Command PRO V-Twin gasoline engine powers the unit.

The DA-350 dual applicator applies sealcoat via the spray method and squeegee method.

Neal’s 7,200-pound Model 5500 paver stands out from other path pavers in this size and capability range because the 5500 has slat-chain conveyors to carry material from the hopper to the screed, while the others are gravity fed.

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