NDS New Water Management Solutions

September 28, 2010

NDS, Inc. has three new offerings for stormwater management, efficient landscape irrigation and water flow management for both residential and commercial uses.

EZ Roll Gravel Pavers can help landscape designers and architects qualify for LEED Credits. Developed as an alternative to concrete or asphalt, they create a permeable surface and allow installation on a clean stone base. Applications: parking lots and driveways to fire lanes, golf cart paths, play areas, car dealerships, outdoor amphitheaters, woodland paths and horse trails.

Dura™ Slope -- Radius Channel Drainage -- For applications with curved edges such as patios, fountains, pools and spas. New radius couplings for NDS’ Dura Slope™ Channel drain system are a lightweight alternative to polymer concrete products for creating continuous bends and curves. The flexible radius couplings work in combination with straight Dura Slope channel pieces for a curved section with a large radius or individual couplings can be connected for tight curved sections.

 EZ Track™ Trench Drain System is a lightweight durable alternative to polymer concrete products. It creates continuous bends and curves for applications such as athletic tracks. EZ Track radius couplings work with the existing Dura Slope Trench Drain system to intercept and collect surface water runoff. The EZ Track system has a curved section that can be easily adapted to fit around an athletic track's curved sections ranging from 80 to 130 feet in radius.