Navman Uses KORE Telematics Network

September 28, 2010

Navman Wireless North America uses the KORE network for vehicle tracking and fleet management throughout the continent. With KORE, Navman can offer its customers a choice of GSM or preferred CDMA technologies while maintaining direct connectivity to Tier 1 wireless carriers.

Navman requires a network that delivers the same network airtime cost economies to smaller fleets that are available to larger fleets in order to provide a highly scalable solution for commercial fleets of any size, ranging from just a few vehicles traveling short distances to hundreds of vehicles traversing the nation on a daily basis. KORE’s network has no minimum use levels and requires no payment for unused services.

KORE is the only M2M network provider that offers both CDMA and GSM wireless services, along with real-time control through an integrated management console. With these services, KORE provides its ASP partners the most widespread, cost-effective, high and low bandwidth wireless services in the M2M industry.