Navistar Launches Application Engineering Hotline

July 17, 2019
Worker on site, with a Navistar truck in the background.

Navistar’s Severe Service team has launched an Application Engineering Hotline, providing International dealers with direct access to experts who designed the vehicles. The hotline can be reached via phone call from any International dealer. Calls are directed to an application engineer who can offer support. 

During an initial pilot phase, the hotline amassed over 100 calls from dealers. Typical calls ranged from general questions on severe service truck configurations to advanced, application-specific questions from customers. The company says that since the launch the number of dealers using the hotline, and the number of calls, have increased each day.

“Because of the highly customized and often complex configurations our severe service customers require, our dealers’ support for those customers can be enhanced through direct access to Navistar application engineers,” Mark Stasell, VP, Vocational Truck, said in a press release. 

Navistar is considering expanding the hotline to support Navistar’s other products.

Source: Navistar