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National Crane NBT30H-2 TM Boom Truck


Boom Truck

National Crane NBT30H-2 TM crane has a 69-foot boom

National Crane NBT30H-2 TM boom truck has a 69-foot boom and a 78-foot maximum tip height. The hoist has a two-speed planetary winch with a 390-foot, 9/16-inch rotation-resistant wire rope that has a 7,700-pound single line pull. Out-and-down main outriggers and stabilizers, along with a fully integrated front outrigger, give the unit 360-degree stability, the company says.

The unit has rated capacity limiting and anti-two block systems, including audio visual warnings and crane function lockout. A real-time display shows boom angle, length, radius, tip height, maximum permissible load, load indication, and warning of impending overload condition.

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