National Crane Boom Truck Custom Mounted for B.C. Company


Boom Truck

Trans Carrier Ltd. (TCL), an oilfield trucking and hauling company based in Fort St. John, B.C., needed a large-capacity boom truck with extra mobility to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs.

It chose a National Crane NBT55 mounted on a custom-designed, over-the-road Kenworth truck. The truck can pull a trailer and travel with the crane at higher speeds compared to truck cranes or all-terrain cranes.

“Before the NBT55, many of the jobs for our customers required both a crane and a tractor-trailer," said Tyler Kosick, general manager of Trans Carrier. "We spent a lot of time, effort and money to get two units out to the site. With our new crane, we can use a single unit for the lifting work and the hauling.”


TCL was quoting an increasing number of jobs that required a trailer to transport a load, often to a remote site. Traditionally, a customer would rent both a crane and a tractor-trailer to move the load to the site, make the pick, and then return. Getting the crane and the load to the destination could take days, costing customers thousands in rental fees. TCL wanted a single unit that could satisfy all phases of the project, reducing costs.


TCL’s NBT55 truck/crane solution is also more environmentally friendly, according to the company.


“By using only one unit to make the picks and haul the load, customers reduce not only the rental fees, but also fuel costs and the overall environmental impact,” Kosick said.


The NBT55 is the largest-capacity boom truck offered by National Crane. It has a capacity of 55 tons and a 102-foot four-section full power boom. The overall length of hydraulic reach is 128 feet with the five-section boom.


Source: Manitowoc