Mustang Refines All-Wheel-Steer Range

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Mustang ML28, ML48, ML48T, ML68
View from the operator's station of Mustang's new AWS loaders is expansive. Tipping load for the ML 48, pictured here, is 7,496 pounds with its standard bucket.

Mustang Manufacturing recently placed four new all-wheel-steer (AWS) loaders in its product range — the ML28, ML48, ML48T and the ML68. According to the company, these new hydrostatically driven, four-wheel-drive models retain the same precise steering control as the first generation of Mustang AWS loaders, but have been enhanced to emphasize operator comfort and efficiency.

The ML28, with 48 rated horsepower @ 3,000 rpm and a maximum bucket capacity of 1.44 cubic yards, is a new size in the Mustang range. The other three new models, however, replace models formerly in the line: the ML48 and ML48T replace the ML52 and ML53, respectively, and the ML68 replaces the ML72. The new ML48T is fitted with a telescopic boom, which provides a pallet height of 11 feet 4 inches.

"The all-wheel-steer loader," says Doug Snorek, Mustang's marketing manager, "provides a safe, reliable alternative for the contractor looking for highly maneuverable, productive, compact equipment. These units are built with essentially the same proven steering technology you'll find on many telehandlers. Because the machine turns as one unit — instead of articulating — it maintains a constant center of gravity throughout the turning circle, which allows turning with a full load."

According to Mustang, the operator's station for these models has been redesigned for more room inside the cab and for greater operator convenience. A single-lever, joystick-type controller, for example, allows the operator to make direction shifts, control the boom and bucket, lock and unlock the "quick-hitch" hydraulic attachment coupler (a standard feature), and to activate hydraulically powered attachments.

Doors on both sides of the cab open wide for easy entrance and exit, says Mustang, and are complemented by large, slip-resistant steps and well-placed grab rails. Some models allow removing the cab, which is standard equipment, by loosening four bolts. This "cab-less" configuration is aimed at facilitating the machine's use in low-overhead situations. The nearly all-glass construction of the cab doors, plus extended front and rear windows, says the company, give operators a wide, clear view of the jobsite and working tools.

Another refinement for these loaders is the redesigned hydraulic attachment coupler. According to Mustang, a new raised-pin design eases the attachment-pickup process via a "floating-pin" mechanism, and the new design also assists in keeping the attachment area cleaner.

List prices for these new models range from approximately $46,000 to $76,500.

Basic Specifications
Model Engine HP* Weight (lb.) Bucket-Pin Height (in.) Max. Bucket Capacity (cu. yd.)
*@ highest rated rpm
ML28 Yanmar 48 7,055 119 1.44
ML48 Deutz 65 9,921 128 1.83
ML48T Deutz 65 11,684 142 1.83
ML68 Deutz 79 12,015 134 2.35