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Mustang 2056 skid steer

With a new compact chassis, the 62-horsepower Mustang 2056 skid steer loader can be as narrow as 59.7 inches.

June 01, 2009

With a new compact chassis, the Mustang 2056 skid steer loader can be as narrow as 59.7 inches, despite the machine's 62 horsepower of engine output, standard rated operating capacity of 1,900 pounds and standard lift height of 120 inches. The narrowest width, measured without the bucket attached, is with the Mustang 2056 equipped with the optional wheel/tire package. Width is 62 inches with the standard wheel/tire package. For ease of operation, standard joystick controls are located on moveable towers, and a new "open-view" lift arm design provides for easy machine access.


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