Mustang 1155

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Mustang 1155 telehandler is every bit as aesthetically pleasing as any of the products at the event. Part of Owatonna, Minn.-based Mustang Manufacturing's Deluxe Series, the 1155 is feature packed and can perform a wide variety of tasks. Although this would make a wonderful rental machine, Mustang believes this product will lend itself well to owner-operator applications.

Mustang 1155Besides Manitou, the Mustang 1155 was the only other product at the Showcase that featured a low-mounted boom. While the Manitou incorporates a full hydraulic boom, Mustang's boom features a more conventional, hydraulic cylinder with a dual-chain combination to extend and retract the boom. Welded robotically, the boom tubes are a four-piece, top-hat assembly, which means the top plate uses thicker steel — where it really counts. The boom features an external hose carrier, and the low boom contributes to its short 7′11″ overall stowed height.

Maximum lift capacity to 55 feet is 5,500 pounds with the outriggers down. Capacity at this height is only de-rated 500 pounds when working on rubber. However, the 1155's capacity drops from 2,000 to 250 pounds when working on rubber at the 40′9″ maximum forward reach. This unit was fitted with the Quickattach 2 system. At 48 inches, its tool attachment plate is nearly twice as wide as the standard 28-inch system and is intended to be better suited for buckets and other wide attachments. Head rotation is 132°.

The 1155 on display at the event was equipped with the Work Platform Safety (WPS) system, which enables the use of an ANSI/ASME-compliant work platform to work in conjunction with a wireless pendant e-stop. The system is activated by depressing the brake pedal for approximately 5 seconds and flipping a switch located in the cab. A dash-mounted indicator light confirms that the parking brake has been automatically set, and the transmission has shifted into neutral. Once set, the operator in the cab can control the up, down, and telescoping functions. The worker in the platform can stop movement at any time. An upgrade to the WPS system is the Radio Remote Boom Control, which allows workers in the platform to start and stop the engine, raise, lower, extend, and retract the boom. Mustang also offers an optional 180° manual platform rotation system.

MustangErgonomics are a high priority. The cab is a massive 57 cubic feet and features an automotive-style, wrap-around dash. A tilt steering wheel and a tri-function joystick are standard in the Deluxe Series package. The joystick's three functions are metered and include lift, tilt, and extend. A trigger on the leading edge of the joystick allows instant maximum hydraulic flow for tilt or auxiliary functions. Another switch automatically aligns the rear axle when coming out of four-wheel or crab steering modes. Mounted on the dash is an air filter monitor. Although the cab is partitioned by a Plexiglas panel on the boom side of the cab, a wire screen is a no-charge option.

The Mustang 1155 utilizes a side-mounted, 115-hp John Deere 4045T turbo engine, which works through a fully modulated four-speed Dana T16000 power- shift transmission. Located under a large fiberglass hood, you can find virtually every service point and key component on the machine. For added security, a key-locked kill switch is also located under the hood.