Motorola HT1250•LS+ and HT1250•LS

By Jeff Griffin, Contributing Editor | September 28, 2010

HT1250•LS+ and HT1250•LS portable two-way radios are the company's newest models for the construction industry. By simply pressing a button, the user can connect with one, ten, or more people instantly. A combination of high-level features, plus the exceptional versatility of trunking, makes the portables a good choice for a variety of business communications. The two-way radios incorporate LTR trunking capabilities, providing wider calling range, faster channel access, greater privacy, and higher user and group talk capacity. The HT1250•LS+ also offers innovative PassPort trunking, ideal for users with growing communication needs. Motorola HT1250•LS+ and HT1250•LS