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Morbark 30 NCL Wood Chipper


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Using the proven design of the Model 30 RXL Chiparvestor as a foundation, Morbark has fashioned the Model 30 NCL disc chipper for use in tighter workspaces. By eliminating the cab, loader and feed bed from the RXL, what results is a lighter, easy-to-transport wood chipper that retains the power and productivity. With larger feed and throat openings, as well as power choices up to 1,000 horsepower, the compact NCL model still utilizes the established 83-inch disc with three or four knives. A fit for biomass producers, clean-chip manufacturers or large stemwood operations, the Model 30 NCL is ideally positioned behind a stand-alone debarker. One Morbark dealer reports 30 tons of production from a unit mounted on a 45-foot trailer in a load time of only 15 minutes.