Morbark 23X Chiparvestor Chipper


Wood Chippers

Morbark model 23X Chiparvestor is a whole-tree chipper

Model 23X Chiparvestor is a whole-tree chipper that uses a 75-inch diameter, 5-inch thick disc to chip trees up to 23 inches in diameter. A built-in dirt separator with deflector keeps the end product clean, the company says.

The feed system is simpler than the predecessor, the company says, using a 35x56-inch top feed wheel and a 13x56-inch bottom feed wheel. Operating weight is 58,040 pounds, and the unit measures 8 feet 6 inches wide. A Cat engine delivers 800 horsepower.

The Morbark Integrated Control Systems diagnostic system monitors pressures, temperatures, clutch systems, and engine efficiency.