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Morbark 1300B Tub Grinder

Morbark combines heavy-duty construction and new technology in the 1300B tracked tub grinder

June 01, 2008

Adding to its lineup of wood-waste processing equipment, Morbark combines heavy-duty construction and new technology in the 1300B tracked tub grinder – “the definitive mobile tub grinder.” With the undercarriage of a Caterpillar 330L excavator as a base, the 1300B uses Morbark’s Iqan feed system that automatically adjusts feed rates, pressures and feed-wheel positions to optimize production and engine efficiency, further enhanced by the use of hydraulic augers and a laser-cut hammermill. In addition, optional features allow this machine to be customized to individual needs.

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  • The all-new TG5000 tub grinder features a 60-inch-deep and 12-foot-wide tub opening. Vermeer says the bottom of the tub flares outward from the tub wall, allowing the hammermill to cut under the vertical wall of the tub, helping to reduce bridging and permitting steady feeding of material.

  • The 1600 Tub Grinder, with a hammer mill nearly 6 feet long, can grind 10-foot stumps at what Morbark calls "unprecedented production rates." With a tub diameter of 11 feet 2 inches, it can be fed with a 13-yard bucket. The discharge belt is 60 inches wide. Changing from a standard 22-hammer pattern to a 30-hammer pattern takes about an hour.

other MORBARK, Inc. products

Now fitted with the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS), the Morbark Model 23 Chiparvestor drum chipper automatically monitors hydraulic pressures and RPM for increased output while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Originally released in 2008, the Model 40/36 biomass chipper is now available in a track configuration to allow for greater mobility in the field and forest.

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