Montabert V1800, V2500 Evolution Hydraulic Breakers

March 23, 2015
Montabert V1800, V2500 Evolution Hydraulic Breakers

The Montabert V1800 and V2500 Evolution hydraulic breakers feature an automatic two-speed variation system that adjusts their impact energy and striking rate to deliver high energy per blow on hard ground and high frequency on soft ground.

The units have a new heavy-duty housing that reflects the design of larger two-speed models, as well as the design of fully variable Montabert hydraulic breaker models. In addition, the breakers’ fully enclosed heavy-duty cradles minimize ambient noise on the job site and protect working parts from dust and debris, the company says. The breakers also feature two steel bushings; operators can replace the lower bushing in the field without dismounting the breaker from the carrier.