Monstrous Mill for Skid-Steers

September 28, 2010

AZ-200Asphalt Zipper's 5,600-pound AZ-200 is a lot more milling machine than you'd expect to use on a skid-steer loader because it comes with its own 71-hp turbocharged diesel engine. Skid-steers aren't expected to lift the attachment so much as push it around on its huge front casters. The maker claims its AZ-200 will pulverize up to 2,000 square feet of asphalt per hour. Cutter-head widths vary from 6 to 24 inches, and can mill 8 inches deep. The unit tilts side-to-side up to 8 inches for special profiling or edge milling, and the cutting head will shift 24 inches side-to-side to mill flush to obstacles. Estimated list price: $50,000.

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