Mobile Awareness

September 28, 2010

Mobile Awareness TireStat Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemThe next generation of tire-pressure monitoring and maintenance systems from Mobile Awareness, TireStat not only detects under-inflated, over-inflated and rapidly-leaking tires on construction equipment and trucks, but can also monitor tire temperature. Knowing when a tire exceeds a safe operating temperature, even when the tire pressure appears to be in a normal range, is critical to maximizing tire life, extending the ability to retread and enhancing driver safety. The lightweight TireStat sensors are mounted externally on the valve stem, allowing air input without sensor removal. The rechargeable handheld monitor functions as a portable tire gauge, allowing the user to monitor the actual tire pressure while adjusting each tire’s inflation level. All TireStat systems include a transceiver for the continuous transmission of the wireless signals, as well as an integrated anti-theft locking mechanism for the sensors.