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MLE A70TD Lift

Man & Material Lift Engineering expands into atrium lifts with what the company calls its “specialized crawler” series, and the A70TD Lift with a working height of 76 feet and platform capacity of 550 pounds.

August 01, 2009

Man & Material Lift Engineering, a manufacturer of niche aerial-lift machines, expands into atrium lifts or compact track-mounted aerials with what the company calls its “specialized crawler” series, and the A70TD Lift. Mounted on non-marking tracks, the 48-volt battery-powered unit fits through 3-foot doors and unfolds to a working height, with automatically leveling outriggers, of 76 feet. Platform capacity is as great as 550 pounds, and insulated baskets are available. 

Full product review by Lift & Access.


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According to Man & Materials Lift Engineering (MLE), the telescopic-boom T40MH-3000 Quad Lifter aerial work platform can do the work of multiple machines, given its capability to handle accessories, including a pallet-fork carriage, extendable material racks and winches. The 80-horsepower, four-wheel-drive model has a platform height of 40 feet, and has a rated 3,000-pound platform capacity.

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