mJobTime Offers GPS-Enabled Time Tracking for Contractors

Staff | September 28, 2010

mJobTime Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise-level employee time and attendance tracking software solutions for the construction industry, has added integrated GPS technology to its latest version of mJobTime™. This powerful, transparent feature enables field foremen to transmit wireless timecards with no extra effort using GPS coordinates. The GPS readings pinpoint each employee’s exact location at the moment they clock in or clock out.

GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that utilizes a series of orbiting satellites to provide triangulation and accurate navigational signals. A GPS system employs a land-based antenna, or receiver to track the information provided by the satellites to compute the receiver’s position accurately. As the accuracy of GPS technology has improved, construction companies are now adopting it as a means to improve productivity.

"Our customers have requested the most accurate tracking available and we have delivered on this exciting new technology," said Director of Technical Services, Mike Soniat. "Now, they have the ability to track employee locations throughout the day, to insure maximum efficiency."

The company also announced a new Spanish language interface that enables field personnel using mJobTime™ on PDAs or smart phones, to view all menu items, labels, and messages in Spanish. 

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