Minnich Owner Retires, Next Gen to Lead Company

May 15, 2019
Minnich’s owner, Jim Minnich, who has retired after more than 25 years with the company.
Jim Minnich, Minnich’s owner

Minnich’s owner, Jim Minnich, has retired after more than 25 years with the company. Three family partners will now lead Minnich: Todd Jurjevic (president/chief sales officer), Jeff McDaniel (president/COO) and Rob Minnich (president/chief marketing officer). Jurjevic and McDaniel are Jim Minnich’s sons-in-law; Rob Minnich is Jim’s son.

“You’ve heard the saying that three heads are better than one. Todd, Jeff and Rob are proof by what we have already seen in their combined accomplishments,” Jim Minnich said in a press release. “I have great confidence in these three—and no doubt that they will take Minnich Manufacturing to a whole new level.”

Jim Minnich took over the Mansfield, Ohio-based company after acquiring Minnich from his father, Roger Minnich, in 1993. During his time, Jim introduced several innovative technologies, grew the business to more than 40 employees, and moved into a large manufacturing facility in Mansfield. He also developed and launched a number of products with technology to enhance productivity and safety, including:

  • The first vibrator monitoring system, the Auto Vibe, to read, record, and control paving vibrator speeds.

  • A dust collection system for dowel pin drills to help improve operator safety.

  • A remote-control dowel pin drill to enhance operator visibility and safety.

  • The Hornet, a compact, lightweight and ergonomic solution for drilling gas leak detection and extraction holes.

He was also an influential member of the concrete and equipment industries throughout his career, and served as chairman of the American Concrete Paving Association (ACPA) while holding a position on the board of directors.

Source: Minnich