Miller Electric EnPak Mechanic Series Air Compressors

September 28, 2010

Miller Electric EnPak Mechanic Series is a diesel engine-driven air compressor, generator and hydraulic pump that can be integrated onto a field service truck. Unit's 27-horsepower Kubota diesel eliminates the need for a PTO and integrates into the truck's electrical and fuel systems. Field technicians can operate tools with the truck engine turned off, which lowers fuel costs, engine hours, and noise. AirPak 40 air compressor provides 40 cfm at 100 psi with a 175 max that allows technicians to use air tools without having to wait for pressure to build, the company says. Eaton pump powers a rated 3,000 psi of hydraulic pressure at 8.5 gpm. Generator provides 6,000 watts at 100-percent duty cycle.