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Miller Electric EnPak A60


Light Equipment

Miller EnPak A60

The Miller Electric EnPak A60 power system provides integrated multiprocess welding, battery charge/crank assist, compressed air, hydraulic power, and electric power for Class 5 and above truck configurations.

The system’s capabilities eliminate the need to carry additional equipment and maximize available payload space, the company says.

For integrated multiprocess welding, the unit provides up to 325 amps—at 100 percent duty cycle—of output to meet welding and machining needs in the field, including line boring, structural repair, bucket repair, and more.

An available integrated hydraulic pump with up to 16 gpm hydraulic output is designed to deliver fast, smooth, reliable, and precise crane operation, Miller says.

A 60 cfm rotary-screw air compressor offers uninterrupted airflow that can power impact wrenches and pneumatic pumps on the job site.

Batteries can receive a boost with up to 150 amps of DC power for 12/24-volt battery charging, and up to 300 amps for crank assist.

The EnPak A60 also includes a 7,500-watt generator that delivers continuous 120/240-volt, 60-hertz power for high-demand electrical tools and other electrical needs on the job site.

The unit includes a turbocharged diesel engine, designed to deliver high torque at lower speeds.

In addition, the EnPak A60 features an LCD control panel that improves the user experience, gives full visibility to the system, and empowers technicians to manage power needs. The intuitive dashboard shows key performance indicators of all systems and lets operators change settings and configurations quickly and easily.

Power Priority also enables operators to maximize available power by prioritizing the air compressor or hydraulic system based on what’s important for optimal tool performance.

Other key features include Chassis Power, which is integrated into the truck battery system and monitors the battery, automatically charging it with up to 150 amps of power so operators can run inverters and 12-volt tools that have big current draws. As a result, the company says opertors do not need to stop working and periodically start the truck to charge its battery, or worry about draining the battery and being stranded on the job site.

Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts engine speed to match compressed air, battery charge, and weld demands—reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and noise, according to the company.

An Auto Start/Stop feature automatically turns the EnPak’s engine on and off based on demand, reducing fuel consumption.

Miller Electric EnPak A60 Specs

  • Welding power: 325 [email protected] percent duty cycle
  • Hydraulic power: 16 gpm
  • Air power: 60 cfm
  • DC power: 150 amps charging/300 crank assist
  • Generator power: 7,500 watts
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