Mid Year 2017: Ramping It Up

By Rod Sutton, Editorial Director | June 26, 2017

More than half of equipment managers who responded to our 2017 Mid-year Report survey said revenue has increased so far this year compared to 2016. Our Annual Report & Forecast, published in January, reported 44.1 expected an increase in revenue, substantially below the 55.5 percent responding midway through the year. The net (percentage citing an increase minus decline) is 38.2 percent halfway through 2017, compared to the projected net of 25.9 percent.

Survey Results

Fleet Size Trends

Rental Usage

Revenue Report

Fleet Condition

Business Ratings

Fleet trends are on track with business. Nearly half of equipment managers responding, 46.7 percent, have increased their fleet sizes so far this year, compared to 36.8 percent who said they expected to expand fleet size in 2017. The net halfway through the year is 36.7 percent, up from the forecast of 31.1 percent recorded six months ago.

Overall fleet condition is slightly better than expected. Last year, 47.4 percent said their fleet health was either “excellent” or “very good.” Midway through 2017, 50.0 percent of equipment managers report “excellent” or “very good” fleet condition.

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