Michelin XTXL Tire Designed for Underground Hauling

October 4, 2012

The 35/65R33 Michelin XTXL tire is designed to support underground transport equipment having load capacities up to 60 metric tons. The new tire features wide tread blocks and a solid center rib to increase service life and to protect the casing. Protective ribs on the sidewalls enhance abrasion resistance. Compared with previous designs, the new tire uses thicker metal wire in the casing ply, enabling the tire to operate at higher pressures and with increased loads—as much as 20 percent more, says Michelin. A thermal underlay at the base of the tread and cooling elements in the shoulders are designed to speed the cooling process, and Michelin’s“B2 technology,” says the company, strengthens the bead area and allows 20 percent more torque transfer without tire-on-rim slippage.