Michelin XDR2 Tire Designed for Heavy-Duty Service

October 4, 2012

Engineered for large rigid-frame haul trucks, the new Michelin XDR2 tire is available in sizes ranging from 27.00 R 49 to 59/80R 63. Compared with its XDR predecessor, says Michelin, the new tire provides enhanced resistance to cuts and scrapes, longer tread life, increased resistance to casing/bead-wire damage, and a design that “pre-fits” the tire for the Michelin Earthmover Management System (MEMS), which constantly monitors temperature and pressure. The XDR2 has a tread band that is up to 20 percent thicker, and the layer separating the tread from the tire casing is 10 percent thicker. The center block is 13 percent wider, and the tread pattern has been reworked to be self-cleaning, promoting faster cooling via a 10-percent greater ventilation effect. The new tire also incorporates Michelin’s C2 technology, aimed at making the tire stronger through the use of thicker, corrosion-resistant cables.