Michelin Bibload Hard Surface Radial Tire

February 17, 2015

The Michelin Bibload Hard Surface radial tire is an expansion of the company’s product lineup for end users who work mainly on hard surfaces with compact loaders and telescopic equipment.

The new tread design in non-directional and optimized to provide superior tread life when used in hard surface applications, Michelin says. Designed for asphalt and other solid surface applications, the tire is the hard surface version of the Michelin XMCL all-terrain backhoe radial tire, made for loose soil applications. It is manufactured to carry out a large number of lateral, longitudinal and transversal movements on hard, wet and snow-covered surfaces. Two sizes have been launched initially—the 400/70R20 and the 460/70R24—with six other sizes available later in 2015.