Membership Committee Reaches Out

By Staff | September 28, 2010

Rebecca Brown of Qualcomm has made many great contributions to AEMP. She is currently leading the Membership Committee. The Committee is dedicated to reaching out and having more direct interaction with AEMP members and potential members. Equipment Manager asked Rebecca to share the committee's vision and plan.

EM: What is the vision/focus for the membership committee this year?

RB: The focus of the membership committee this year is to continue to communicate to the industry the value of AEMP membership and to assist in the development of growing that value. Also, to implement a more personalized approach to contacting members directly in the case of non-renews and membership solicitations.

EM: When can members expect to hear from the membership committee?

RB: The membership committee has plans in place to enhance the already planned association communications with membership outreach, contacting non-renewed members to explore why they did not renew and what AEMP could do to earn their membership back again. These calls have begun through the efforts of the committee and the response so far has been positive.

AEMP also communicates through eNewsletters, EM, direct mail and the website.

EM: What does the member-ship committee need from AEMP members to be successful?

RB: Involvement is key to any member getting the value out of their membership. Members place a high value on networking, presentations by industry experts on best practices for equipment managers, and knowledge and educational resources. There are a couple of enhancements to our programs that the committee feels are key to our success.

1) Implementation of a notification function for posts to the website forum. This forum is not being utilized by the membership to its fullest advantage and when posts are made and no response/discussion is instigated, the forum loses credibility. Post notices should automatically be sent to board and committee members, with general members able to subscribe or unsubscribe as desired. In this way, AEMP will truly facilitate a knowledge community. Members' participation in that community is crucial to building it into a successful entity.

2) Execution of web-based educational training. AEMP is the premier fleet-management resource, and in order to keep and further that position, our educational programs must be enhanced and our visibility pervasive. AEMP should have consistent involvement in the fleet manager's business life — enhancing their success.

EM: How might a member invite a nonmember to join AEMP?

RB: A key focus of the AEMP is to further the fleet manager's role as a professional. Are you interested in growing in your position/career? Here is an organization that can give you the tools you need to be a "superstar" in your role. How would you like to be the recognized "can't run the business without him" expert at what you do? Learn from others and share your knowledge. The industry is changing, and new tools and processes are being created to enhance your ability to be successful. AEMP is that tool to help you advance and succeed. It is up to you to take advantage of them.