Melfred Borzall Ogre

By Mike Anderson, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Melfred Borzall Ogre ReamerWith the new Ogre reamer (pictured) from Melfred Borzall's Directional Depot, each shark tooth carbide cutter takes off only ¼ inch more soil than the previous stage, providing smooth, efficient cutting. The angled jets shoot water in the direction opposite to which the reamer is turning. Combined with a slow taper and deep-spiraled fluting, the Ogre produces maximum mixing and pumping action. Though easy to rebuild, the Ogre features hardfacing on all wear areas, including the shaft. Another new Melfred Borzall product, the Quick-Swivel has a unique design that allows it to lock on and stay in line with the drill head. The mini Quick-Swivel allows HDD contractors to complete direct pullbacks without removing the drill head.