MDOT Announces Metro Region Investments

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has announced its 2009 construction schedule, which will provide millions of dollars for infrastructure improvements in the Metro Region serving four counties — Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne. These four counties carry more than 40 percent of the traffic in Michigan.

The 2009 program for road and bridge improvements in the Metro Region will provide $100.4 million to repair 91.5 miles of pavement and $96.6 million to rehabilitate 77 bridges.

"This investment does not reflect additional road and bridge improvements that will be provided under President Obama's Economic Recovery Plan," said Metro Region Engineer Greg Johnson. "What it does reflect is our commitment to providing a safe and reliable infrastructure that will enhance the quality of life for our residents and assist in providing a stable economic base for growth and job retention."

In addition to projects announced for the 2009 program, several carry-over projects from 2008 will be completed this year, including the Interstate 75 road and bridge reconstruction between South Huron River Drive and Gibraltar Road in Wayne County, the Interstate 94 road and bridge reconstruction between County Line Road and St. Clair Highway in St. Clair County, and interchange rehabilitation at Interstate 696 and Mound Road in Macomb County. Also, crews expect to open the Interstate 75 Gateway project in the city of Detroit.

During 2009, the following improvements are scheduled:

  • A two-year project to rehabilitate 4 miles of pavement and eight bridges on Interstate 96 from west of Novi Road to Halsted Road in Oakland County. Included in this project is the replacement of the bridges that carry eastbound and westbound Interstate 96 over the CSX Railroad.
  • Pavement rehabilitation to 13 miles and repair to 42 bridges on Interstate 696 between Drake and Campbell-Hilton roads in Oakland County.
  • Pavement repair on 2 miles and rehabilitation to six bridges on Interstate 696 between Hayes and Nieman roads in Macomb County.
  • Pavement and bridge rehabilitation on 8 miles of M-53 (the Van Dyke Freeway) between 18 Mile and 27 Mile roads in Macomb County.
  • Bridge replacement on eastbound and westbound US-12 (Michigan Avenue) over the Rouge River in Wayne County.
  • Pavement repair on 4 miles of northbound and southbound M-1 (Woodward Avenue) between Tuxedo and Sibley roads in the city of Detroit.
  • Reconstruction on 6 miles of eastbound and westbound Interstate 69 between Miller Road and the Lapeer County line in St. Clair County.