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McLaughlin McL-60 Boring Machine

The 60-inch McL-60 auger boring machine is the company’s largest

March 30, 2017

The 60-inch McL-60 auger boring machine is the company’s largest, and has a 218-horsepower Volvo engine that is Tier 4-F. It produces bores up to 700 feet long.

With a low-profile engine design, it fits beneath trench box spreader bars, the company says. An Eskridge gearbox produces up to 126,000 lb.-ft. of torque. A remote control keeps operators out of the excavation pit. Rabbit Travel accelerates the process of pulling augers, the company says, by eliminating the need to use the cylinders of the machine to install the product.

other McLaughlin Group products

The Steerable Rock System (SRS) boring head works in solid rock and fractured rock

Tier 4-Final engines anchor the reengineering of McLaughlin’s line of vacuum excavators.

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