McElroy New Low Profile Rollers

September 28, 2010

McElroy Manufacturing’s latest productivity-enhancing tool, the Low Profile Rollers, is a modular pipe roller that accommodates 4- to 20-inch diameter pipe.

Designed to keep high-density polyethylene pipe off the ground and clean, the rollers can be paired with several pieces of McElroy equipment to reduce manpower and heavy machinery required to maneuver pipe on a jobsite. A typical jobsite scenario could incorporate the Low Profile Rollers, a fusion machine and McElroy’s PolyHorse pipe-handling system to boost productivity up to 150 percent.

The new rollers are rugged and reliable, with sealed ball-bearing construction. Ordered by the crate, operators can assemble the 40 crated rollers in minutes. They are tip-resistant and able to handle curved pulls over considerable distances. The external beads created from the fusion process also slide right through the rollers during the pulling process.