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February 01, 2008

MBW eliminated the use of two-cycle engines on its Ground Pounder rammers in 2004. Models R420HC, 421HC and R440H, powered by the Honda GX100 gasoline engine, rated at 3 horsepower, have operating weights of 126, 128 and 136 pounds, respectively. The company's "Smart Rammer" Series (R480R, R480H, R481R and R481H models) have operating weights ranging from 153 to 163 pounds and feature either the 3-horsepower Honda or a 4-horsepower Robin engine, which is recommended for use at altitudes above 4,000 feet. Smart Rammer models have a tachometer and an hour meter "to indicate when maximum operating performance is being reached and when maintenance intervals are needed."

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  • BOMAG BVP 12/50 A plate compactor is designed and equipped for asphalt compaction

    The BOMAG BVP 12/50 A single-direction vibratory-plate compactor is specifically designed and equipped for asphalt compaction, says BOMAG, expanding the machine’s use beyond conventional soil compaction.

  • BOMAG BVP10/30 plate compactor features a balanced lifting point

    The BOMAG BVP10/30 compactor features a balanced lifting point to facilitate loading and unloading.

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