MB Companies Adds to TOUGH Broom Family

September 28, 2010

The MCD-UV engine driven broom development is for the commercial utility vehicle customer market as a four season attachment that can be used for clean-up at construction sites, sweeping of public trails and roads, and snow control sweeping down to the pavement, helping keep more important pieces of equipment active with their primary tasks.

Offered with a 25" diameter, 6 foot wide brush, the 13.5hp engine offers the power demanded for moving up to 6" of snow and a myriad of different types of particulate. From an operational standpoint, the addition of the optional remote start, choke, and throttle compliments the standard remote angle, lift and emergency stop; ensuring that the user has the capability for safe and full control of their attachment. Its 6 gauge side channel and ¼" thick frame tube allow for a 19 degrees of floatation with the confidence that this is broom is ready for commercial applications. Supporting the float and oscillation of the attachment, two, 10" diameter pneumatic tires allow the unit to travel at transport speed without the additive of special components and extra costs.

Standard with a 150 degree, 16 gauge steel hood and an MB TOUGH Brush driven by a mechanical center drive, the broom head reduces the maintenance impact by avoiding cheap chain and sprocket drives. All these features coupled with a quick-tach design utilizing quick pins and locking of standard storage stands, ensure parking this unit is truly easy. The MCD-UV from MB is also available with debris deflector, dust abatement system, and sight indicators.