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Maxam Large Mining Series Tires


Tires, On- and Off-Highway

A tire

The company has expanded its Large Mining series with the MS401, MS402, and MS403 haulage tires.

Available for haul trucks up to 320 tons, the tires offer three specific tread patterns available in multiple compounds based on site TKPH/TMPH to meet different surface mine application requirements.

The MS401 features an aggressive tread design with heat-resistant under tread, designed for applications that require maximum traction and high site TKPH/TMPH.

The MS402 features enhanced shoulder lugs and a solid centerline providing increased protection, traction, and tread life in haulage applications. The MS403 integrates an advanced tread design for flexibility in all applications, from smooth haul roads to rough and rocky terrain, Maxam says.

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