MAX-ER Attachment for Manitowoc 16000

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Manitowoc 16000 lattice-boom crawler crane, with a standard rated lift capacity of 440 tons, is now available with the company's MAX-ER attachment, which can provide up to 256 tons of counterweight for the machine. The MAX-ER allows longer boom lengths and added capacity at any given radius, says Manitowoc. Standard boom length for the 16000 is 315 feet, but the MAX-ER allows 394 feet of main boom. When used with a luffing jib, the standard 16000 can handle 177 feet of boom and 275 feet of jib, for a total reach of 452 feet. With the MAX-ER, boom length can increase to 295 feet, resulting (with the 275-foot jib) in 570 feet of reach. The MAX-ER attachment for the 16000 also is equipped with a hydraulically driven stinger, which allows the operator in the cab to adjust the position of the MAX-ER behind the crane.