Mackenzie Smith

April 19, 2019
Utah Department of Transportation
Field engineer

Mackenzie manages construction contracts for the UDOT Region 2, leading construction inspectors, reviewing work, and ensuring quality through material sampling and testing. She works with contractors, technicians, and management to keep them aware and informed of what is needed.

“The crew and contractor know they can contact Mackenzie for answers,” says Jon Ogden, resident engineer. “She shows personal integrity by doing the right thing for the right reasons, showing it’s not about being right, but getting the right answer and then doing it.”

Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of Utah.

Professional accomplishments: Becoming a licensed engineer, and building the first-of-its-kind wildlife structure over Interstate 80 in Parleys Canyon.

Extracurricular: I coach high school cheerleading, both varsity and competition teams.

Favorite music: Country music is my favorite genre. I love going to country concerts. They remind me of warm weather and the summer time.