Lone Star LST1 Drill Rig

June 23, 2016
 Lone Star LST1 Drill Rig

The LST1G+HD heavy-duty rig drills to 100 feet with an optional 4.25-inch hollow stem auger. A planetary reduction gearbox and a reduction mechanism for push/pull-back force. Torque is 1,100 lb.-ft. with a drill depth to 100 feet. It has 8,500 pounds of push/pull-back force

The rig comes with the SSK1 kit, which includes a tower, pulley, third hydraulic valve, and a steel cathead. Solid stem augers are available in 3- to 8-inch diameters, and the unit is capable of drilling 6-inch boreholes down to 100 feet.

The drill’s bypass flow control system provides control and allows adjustments to achieve the necessary push-down force. The unit has a 27-horsepower Kohler electronic fuel-injection gas engine and a 3,000-psi hydraulic system that operates at 13.5 gpm to achieve a rotary speed of up to 200 rpm.

The drill is mounted on a single-axle trailer that can be towed by an ATV or small truck.