LiuGong 385A, 365A Skid Steer Loaders

June 30, 2011

LiuGong 385A is the company’s largest skid steer loader at 82.6 horsepower and 7,720 pounds operating weight. The 67.3-horsepower 365A has an operating weight of 6,500 pounds. Both have Yanmar Tier 4-I engines, hydrostatic tranmissions, and travel speeds up to 7.6 mph. With radial lift path, the loaders’ maximum dump height is from 7 feet 4 inches to 8 feet. The 385A has a rated load of 2,300 pounds and static tipping weight of 4,600 pounds; the 365A has a rated load of 1,750 pounds and static tipping weight of 3,500 pounds. Both have 3,000 psi of hydraulic pressure with auxiliary high-flow valve with switchable flows from 21 to 31 gpm.