Link-Belt 348 HYLAB Crawler Crane

September 28, 2010


Link-BeltModel 348 HYLAB 5 from Link-Belt is a lattice-boom crawler crane with a rated lift capacity of 300 tons. Key features include a large tilting cab with air conditioning and hot-water heat, a new SML-10 load-moment indicator, a 470-hp Isuzu engine, and slab-type counterweights that the crane itself can remove. Heavy-duty tubular booms range from 70 to 300 feet; long-range booms to 355 feet; and a 315-foot long-range boom can be used with a 140-foot jib for a tip height of 459 feet. It features Max-Trax—a two-position track gauge system that allows for retracted or wide gauge settings for optimum lift capacity in various job conditions.