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Link-Belt 175 AT All-terrain Crane


All Terrain Cranes

The 175 AT all-terrain crane has a 175-ton capacity.

The 175 AT all-terrain crane has a 175-ton capacity. It has a six-section boom ranging from 42.7 to 197 feet. An optional three-piece on-board offset fly adds 10, 32.5, and 55 feet, and it has three 18-foot lattice extensions providing a maximum tip height of 315.1 feet.

The crane has a two-person cab featuring climate control, Bluetooth radio, and LED lighting. An air ride seat has lumbar support, heating, and ventilation. Pulse 2.0 continuously monitors carrier operations alerts the driver that the crane is ready for transport in dolly configuration.

A 535-horsepower Cummins QSX15 powers the unit. The crane operates in standard full time 10x8x10 drive with on-highway speed-dependent steering and five job-site travel steering modes.

The crane transports with full 81,000 pounds of counterweight in two overflow loads. It can travel under 26,500 pounds per axle with 11,000 pounds of counterweight on the crane and boom over the front.

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