September 28, 2010

Link-Belt 548 lattice boom crawler craneA 600-ton-capacity Super Lift option for Link-Belt’s 548 lattice boom crawler crane is currently on the test pad in Japan. Also new on the 548 is a 25-foot auxiliary offset top designed for heavy lifts where additional load-to-boom clearance is required such as vessel placement and wind energy applications. The 548 is rated at 550 tons, and its luffer consists of a 98- to 236-foot heavy-duty boom and a 79- to 236-foot luffing jib. Maximum tip height approaches 470 feet. The 548’s standard boom is 79 to 315 feet and the long-range boom is 138 to 354 feet. The standard live-mast lifting cylinder can handle the 548’s side frames, lower counterweights, and boom base. Main transport load can weigh less than 104,000 pounds.