Lincoln Electric Vantage 400

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Lincoln Electric Vantage 400 welderVantage 400 from Lincoln Electric is a compact, 400-amp welder/generator using Lincoln's Chopper Technology, which is designed to deliver easy starts and a smooth arc for stick, downhill-pipe, TIG or wire welding — as well as for arc gouging. Powering the new welder is a four-cylinder, water-cooled Perkins diesel engine, running at 1,800 rpm. Vantage 400 delivers 400 amps, 36 volts and up to 450 amps, 32 volts of rated DC welding output at 100-percent duty cycle. It also generates 19,000 watts (peak) of three-phase, 240V AC generator power for industrial equipment, such as a plasma cutter; and 12,000 watts (peak) of single-phase AC auxiliary power for lights and construction tools.