Lincoln Electric

Staff | September 28, 2010

X-Tractor 1GC from Lincoln Electric The X-Tractor 1GC from Lincoln Electric is a portable, high-vacuum, welding-fume-extraction system that is designed to reduce welding dust, smoke and fumes in the work environment. The X-Tractor, designed to filter contaminated air and return it to the work area, weighs just 37 pounds, making it ideal, says the manufacturer, for applications such as light fabrication, maintenance and construction. The new system adapts to various welding applications, says the company, including stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored, plus the unit automatically starts when welding begins, and then switches off 15 seconds after welding ceases. A selection of suction-nozzle attachments is available, and an internal rotary air-jet device provides a burst of air (from a customer-supplied source) from inside the filter cartridges to loosen collected particulates, which fall to the bottom of the unit to facilitate proper removal.