ESAB Savage A50 LUX Model Welding Helmet

June 27, 2024
Nine different shade levels cover shades needed for welding and cutting.

The ESAB Savage A50 LUX welding helmet weighs 1.27 pounds and is designed with a rounded, low profile shell for better clearance in tight areas and more protection from light and sparks.

The helmet boasts standard features like an integrated 50-lumen work light, quick-release front lens and simplified auto-darkening filter (ADF) user interface.

The 9.3 square inch viewing lens broadens color intake across a flatter spectrum and reduces eye fatigue and allows the operator to see the heat-affected zone and weld puddle with clarity, according to the company. 

A total of 9 different shade levels covers shades needed for welding and cutting, from oxy-fuel and plasma cutting to low-amperage TIG to high-amperage welding with large electrodes. It also provides a low, passive state shade 3 ADF level for clear weld inspection.