Bobcat Light Compaction Line

Oct. 19, 2022
NEW: The Bobcat light compaction lineup includes rammers, forward plate compactors, reversible plate...

Compact equipment manufacturer Bobcat has launched nine stand alone light compaction machines in North America.

This latest expansion of product offerings is meant to provide customers with added versatility and productivity for construction, roadwork, and landscaping.

The full range of light compaction products includes rammers, forward plate compactors, reversible plates compactors, and trench rollers. The light compaction line can be used in a variety of settings and is designed to meet compaction requirements on nearly all job sites. 

Bobcat R60P and R68P rammers are built to be efficient in confined work areas. The rammers direct all compaction power onto any target surface while maintaining optimal balance, the company says. They are powered by Honda gasoline engines.

Optional transport wheels and a dedicated handle ease movement around job sites. Isolators connected to the operator’s handle are designed to absorb vibration and minimize operator fatigue. The handle is adjustable for tailored comfort and provides a direct line of sight to the foot of the rammer.

Three forward plate compactors (FP10.33, FP15.40, and FP15.50) are engineered for maximum forward movement capabilities, less operator fatigue, and performance with low fuel consumption.

Varying plate sizes and compaction forces are available. A fixed water tank and sprinkler system (standard equipment on the FP10.33), can control dust or keep the vibratory base plate free of material buildup while compacting asphalt.

An attachable toolless mat, an option available with models FP15.40 and FP15.50, allows the plate compactor to work on paving stones without cracking or chipping the surface.

The three reversible models, designated RP22.40, RP30.50, and RP49.20D, are designed for compacting granular material such as sand, gravel, and asphalt. The walk-behind machines enable operators to experience quick directional changes with minimal effort in tight spaces thanks to hydrostatic forward and reverse steering. The two smaller models are powered by Honda engines, the largest reversible plate, the RP49.20D, has a Tier 4 diesel with an optional electric start.

Bobcat's TR75 trench roller, operated by remote control, delivers compaction performance on a variety of soil types. It features an oscillating articulated joint that allows the trench roller’s drums to maintain contact on uneven ground. The remote control has a range of 60 feet and is solar powered, eliminating the need for daily charges.

There are two amplitude settings and centrifugal weights in each drum.