Lincoln Electric Sprinter 180Si Stick Welder

Feb. 22, 2024
The welding unit has a maximum output of 180 amps and TIG welding features.

The Sprinter 180Si Lincoln Electric stick welder has a maximum output of 180 amps and 200 amps for TIG welding.

With the Sprinter 180Si, operators can weld up to 5/32-inch electrodes and can choose a dedicated 6010 mode for cellulosic stick electrodes. TIG welding features include pulse mode with options ranging from 0.1-100 pulses per second, and an 8-pin connector for foot pedals, hand amptrols, and other devices.

Weighing less than 20 pounds, the 180Si is portable, and a dual-input voltage enables the operator to plug into any common power supply.

A simple user interface provides a seven-segment display and push-button controls. The welding unit comes with a case with a handle and shoulder strap that make it easier to carry and move.