Stihl TS 710i, 910i CutQuik Cutoff Saws

Jan. 31, 2024
Anti-vibration system delivers precise cuts.

The Stihl TS 710i and TS 910i Cutquik machines are the latest gasoline-powered cutoff saws in the Cutquik lineup. The TS710i features a 14-inch cutting wheel, allowing for maximum depth cut of up to 4.9 inches. The TS 910i features a 16-inch cutting wheel, allowing for a maximum depth cut of up to 5.7 inches.

The TS 710i and TS 910i are equipped with the Stihl ElastoStartTM grip, with reduced effort from the operator due to the built-in shock absorber, and the fuel-injection technology eliminates the need for a choke.

Operators can deliver precise cuts with minimal operator fatigue due to the anti-vibration system offered with both models, according to the company. For added versatility with the cutoff saw, operators can alter the cutting wheel and guard mount either inboard or outboard for increased maneuverability and use in additional cutting positions.

The X2 Air Filtration System reduces downtime due to engine maintenance and achieves a 99.96% cleaning efficiency. Sensor-controlled fuel metering delivers the correct amount of fuel needed to ensure optimal performance based on the operating conditions. The water connection also features a shut-off valve and quick connector.

The included Stihl Smart Connector helps transmit data into the Stihl connected platform via Bluetooth.