Hilti DSH 700-22 cordless cut off saw

Feb. 1, 2023
Part of the Hilti Nuron lineup of electric tools.

Hilti DSH 700-22 cut off saw is part of the Nuron line of battery-powered tools. The saw has a rear-facing handle, and is powered by a 22V lithium-ion battery.

Nuron now includes more than 70 tools, all of which operate on the same battery platform.

The cut-off saw generates data that is then stored on the Nuron batteries and sent securely to the cloud during every charge without any operator interaction. The data collected includes information such as tool usage, tool utilization, charging location, and battery state-of-health. This information can then be used to alert individuals if action is needed immediately or can be accessed on-demand as required and is available on mobile and desktop via Hilti’s ON!Track software platform.